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David Bridie |
David Bridie has enjoyed a distinguished career as musician, producer, songwriter and composer. He has released an array albums with Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake, along with two solo records and a swag of soundtracks. Not to mention producing for the likes of Telek, Archie Roach, Paul Kelly and others.

Follow the Geography |
Your one-stop solution to information about Not Drowning, Waving, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, David Bridie, and related works by Telek, Helen Mountfort and more.

Cosmo Cosmoliono |
A Melbourne based quintet of luscious strings and romantic piano accordion, creates exquisite music which crosses between tango and gypsy music, song and dynamic chamber pieces via original arrangements of well-known tunes and original compositions which express dynamism, love, tragedy and capricious play. Featuring Helen Mountfort and Hope Csutoros of My Friend the Chocolate Cake, along with Judy Gunson, Dan Witton and Andrea Keeble.

Telek |
Telek is a band, a man and, in some parts of the world a legend.
George Mamua Telek has been at the forefront of the Papua New Guinea music scene for more than 20 years

Andy White |
Andy White is a poet and powerbook-toting troubadour. He grew up in Belfast, surrounded by Irish beauty and terrorist violence. His father is a political writer and his grandmother was a piano player. Music and lyricism run in the family. boy 40 is Andy White's 12th international release. the album begins with Andy 'going solo' with his guitar and ends with him and an orchestra, trying to see God.

Neil Murray |
Since his recordings in the early 80’s with The Warumpi Band and five subsequent albums released under his own name, Neil Murray has successfully chronicled his passion for what Australia could mean for all of us.

Rebecca Barnard |
Official site for Melbourne based singer/songwriter who has worked with both My Friend the Chocolate Cake and David Bridie.

John Cale |
A Welsh musician, songwriter, record producer and one time member of The Velvet Underground.
My Friend the Chocolate Cake recorded a version of his classic "Buffalo Ballet" on their first record.

The Hive Design |
The design firm of Russel Bradley, the original drummer of My Friend the Chocolate Cake and longtime member of Not Drowning, Waving. Russel also created the design/layouts for a number of Cake records including the current Parade CD and Book.

Melbourne Football Club |
David's love of the Dees has been well documented over the years and My Friend the Chocolate Cake even released an instrumental titled "Jimmy Stynes", who is a former Melbourne great.

Free West |
West Papua is on Australia's doorstep. The Indonesian authority keeps the Papuan peoples under control through shocking human rights violations while foreign companies exploit their sacred lands causing massive environmental destruction. This site will help you become aware of and active on West Papua - a paradise betrayed.

Papua Press Agency |

Australian West Papua Association |
The Australian West Papua Association (Melbourne) Inc supports the self determination of the West Papuan people through its support of community development projects in West Papua, and by funding the diplomatic missions of legitmate representatives of the West Papua people to international fora such as the United Nations.

Australian West Papua Association - Sydney |
The reports in the newsletter are from the various email conferences on West Papua.

West Papua Action |
West Papua Action is a solidarity and campaigning initiative begun in Co. Laois, and formally launched in January 1996 in Kildare, Ireland. It has worked at many levels in Irish society to bring awareness and concern to the question of West Papua.

International Action for West Papua |
International Action for West Papua (IAWP) is a pro-active international lobbying group with membership drawn from activists worldwide. Our network is non-hierarchical and non-elitist, our main objective is to internationalize West Papua and the right of West Papuans to self-determination.

West Papua Homepage |
This page exists as a forum to promote the fight for self determination and independence for all West Papuan peoples.

West Papua Information Kit |
An HTML version of the West Papua Information Kit produced by the Australia West Papua Association, Sydney

West Papua Online Petition |