My Friend the Chocolate Cake are:
David Bridie: Piano, vocals
Helen Mountfort: Cello, harmonies
Hope Csutoros: Violin
David Abuiso: Double Bass, Accordion
Andrew Richardson: Guitar, harmonies
Andrew Carswell: Mandolin, Tin Wistle, Harmonica
Greg Patten: drums

`Live at the National Theatre' was recorded at the National Theatre, in Melbourne on Saturday 26th October 1996.

The live recording was made by the ABC, produced by Paul Petram and engineered by Brendan O'Neil. 
Taken from the live mix by Stuart McPhee.

Post recording mixes: Final remixes of all tracks were by Simon Polinski at Periscope Studios, Melbourne
except [3] by Brendan O'Neil, ABC Studios Melbourne.

All songs published by Mushroom Music, except 'Song From Under The Floorboards' EMI/Virgin Music.

Thanks to: Warren Costello, Elle MacKay, Denise D'Sylva, Vanessa Yates, Andrew Meadows and all from Mushroom Records; Meryl Gross, Paul Petran and Brendan O'Neill from the ABC; our crew on the night, inimitable Stuart McPhee & the doctor Ben Shapiro, Rob Craw for the guest appearance, Jeffery Farmer, family and pets.

Design: Deborah Ladd
All photos taken from the video filmed at The National Theatre by Michael Williams.

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