Lyrics published by Mushroom Music Publishing.
Reprinted with permission.

Jeffrey Smart (Silver City) (Bridie)

This silver city 
Bursting way past capacity
To find the patter of its passionate heart
Seek out the edge

Hold onto stillness if only for a certain moment
Fold the creases in precise ways
The traveller sleeping on the edge of the shadow fall
Shipping  containers on the Cahill expressway

We seek out sanctuary, we search for stillness
We grasp at  anything, that's out of the way
Sometimes the only way to make it all spark
Is see the world through the eyes of Jeffrey Smart

The staircase street lights, Sunday stilt race
Clive James lonely, on the overpass
Around the ring road, to central station
Musicians smoking, man with a bouquet

The oil refinery, the carbon sunset
On the veranda the singlet man he smokes there
Whilst his skinny whippet pants and twitches there by his side
The concrete girders like sacred beacons
Flames and sparkles, poison orange in the sky

The clowns and voices are not laughing at you,
They are laughing with you
Sometimes the only way to make it all spark
Is see the city through the eyes of Jeffrey Smart 

Sleep the whole night through (Bridie)

The bright moon floods the sky
Just like a bloodshot eye
It shines a most revealing light
About the ways of men

We sleep out in the river bed
On sand  as soft as down
If you listen closely you can hear
The troubled desert song

'Cos it’s a forewarning  
Clouded with caution
And it brings with it the dark clouds
And it stays for days

We sing songs of constant sorrow
About the death of kings
Of how the poor boy's  execution
Haunts us in our dreams

It's getting hard to sleep the whole night through
I'd do it so much worse if not for you
And sometimes in the cold black heart of night
you see things much too clear

A new moon seen through broken glass  
What luck does that portend
And who deciphers this prophecy
These days in the end

Can you hear the ghost gums singing
Outside in the rain
They sing everybody’s got to love somebody in the end

Easter Parade (Bridie)

All the people in this valley
line the main street, teaming rain

From the centre all the old ones
crocheted blankets warm their bones

They can't remember what their names are
how long they’ve lived there in the town

They stare out blankly, their eyes like chickens
and then the main drag comes alive.

For the Easter Parade

All the children dressed as firemen
on the log truck, wave and smile

Then the bikers on Royal Enfields
servo sunnies wrap arounds

The Old Pressed metal in the arcade
the Butter Factory,by the football ground

The greedy  mayor calls for celebration
it's what this small town is based around

It’s a local celebration
on this crucifixion day

How he died for our redemption
even Don says Jesus saves

But they don’t tell of the story
bout the bones they found right up there
in the creek bed by the goldmine in the hills

Of the resistance and then the fight back
the Gunnai Kurnai people waiting still
for their own Easter parade

(Praise the lord and pass the ammunition and we’ll all be free)

Another Year (Bridie)

We crave motion
The path of least resistance
The way to bold adventure       
The strangeness in things

Oh yeah we shun the old life
It’s too restricted by formality
Were the good old days a fallacy?
It often seemed that way

This is just another year 

Won't you come with me down to the soil
Get honest pay for honest toil
And what your back puts in,
It comes back Jim
That’s a fact

Lets flip the country
This one will never be what we desire,
It's got the kind of heart that we despise

Are The Kids Alright? (Bridie)

Ah Tek the tailor he’ll fit you with the latest fashion
Ah Tek the tailor he’s done you with the bill
There is no shortage of those deserving bastards
There is no  paucity of folk you want to spill

Johnny Fa’Samoa has come to fix my little red wagon
Johnny  Fa’Samoa he knows what’s going on
With constant vigilance, constant vigilance
He’s got to keep an eye out or just keep up the pretence

But are the the kids alright, are the kids alright?
The precious little darlings have they gone without?
They want for nothing, for that is their want
They want for nothing

The Junior White Missionary studied his geography
He headed to the world's edges just to save a million souls
That’s where the heathens live, the last who don’t believe,
They’ve come down from the trees just to put money in his bowl

All you Crazy Ladies and your shiny hockey sticks
You not even trying if y’ don’t kick against the pricks
The Great Australian silence with a will to deceive
I tell if you ain’t loving it then you’d better leave

Stori Rabaul (Bridie)

If you take the coast road back to Herbertshöhe
The mud landslides make the going slow
We're on the back of the Copra truck
With the light of the moon and it gives us luck

All you Kalamen come gather round
The Red Lap Lap Boys are back in town
Just like a guria they shake the ground
When they sing their crying bird song

The flying fox in a freedom tree
The sweet smell of the fermentary
Head back to town we're singing eye eye ee
Rabaul town

Oscar Tammur and his band of men
The Mataungan Association
The great Talili fought the 6 day war
He gave the missionary George Brown what for

Why'd you have to bring your war
Two times to this place,
K and B they've got lime upon their face
And every night the lotu choir sings in Tongan Harmonies

In the Chinese trade store the bosses son
Perched high in his chair he don't trust anyone
And every trade store is much the same
Family business family gain

Wagi's cooking fish again
With tapioca yams and greens
A bilum full of betel nut to share around
The Moab boys a re back again
For thirty years now they've been playing
Their speedy kind of stringband sound is all the go in rabaul town

The germans Chinese Japanese
and the Colonial Australians
And now the telco they call Digicel
has the run of the whole place now as well

Theyre planning to mine the deep sea floor
These shonky deals we've seen before
They'll bagarap the Baining shore

The midday sun is killing me
We sit beneath the casuarina tree
We chew buai til the clouds come by
And the afternoon rain comes down

2.Drive in the night time,not the heat of the day
The last of the fish vendors with they catch from the bay
Near Raluana past the blue lagoon
You see the Beehives from the light of the moon.

The Fish are in the mangoes
The Bombs are in the reef
The Japanese war tunnels
Must be seen to be believed

(the flying fox's in the freedom tree
the volcanoe strikes the moon lit sea
soft in shadow warm in breeze
Johnny Samoa with Talili
For the 6 day blanche bay war

the chinese trade store rakes the cash
the bo

Rab a Yul Rab A yul
Boina marum in Rab A Yul

the chinese trade store bosses son
sits on a high chair,watching on
keeps his eyes out for the steal man
every trade store much the same

family business foreign gain
the ruthless kongkong businessman
(the bosses they don't trust the staff
thehumid heat dust makes you gasp

past the Japanese war time tunnels,
the sweet smell of the fermentary
two world wars and three volcanoes
so much in one century

Hostages to Freedom The Fall of Rabaul

Tokoro the judge and executioner ,court room in the cave at Turagunan past Nunga Nunga
the beach at kabakabaul

the small blue dot black birds
swoop wild through the gorge
the river floods violently

the ballad of jack Emmanuel
the district commissioner
they killed him with a machete
near the beach at Kaibara

walk through the plantation
unsuspecting afternoon
the queenslander with the big red nose
he didn't see it coming

song slow Rabaul
moist and humid another rworld
simple yet kida perfect

head back to town we're singing ay ay eee

The Prince (Bridie)

When the Prince sings
Words fall from the bottle
Rise out of the dead earth
Agitate your heart

When the Prince screams
As if he's got this head strain
What you hear is love pain,
Yeh it's real love

When the prince sings
Go back to your country,
This is not your real home
There's nothing for you here

He sings Koodah Koodah

Is that the prince there
Lonely in his tower,
Louder by the hour
Til the morning light

As the prince walks to his  coronation,
A dirty blanket hanging
Loosely on his head

 When the Prince sings,
Go back to your country
This is not your real home
There's nothing for you here

Where the prince sits
Watching from the cliff top
Looking on his lost flock,
Trying to sing them home

When he whispers
You struggle to hear him
Makes your tears start flowing
Your problems seem so small

When the prince sings,
All that's down and dirty,
It feels like his hurting
Cutting the night air

When the prince sings
Go back to your country,
This is not your real home
There's nothing for you here

Royal,stately,nobility ,coronation/,the King’s court, crowning a sovereign or a sovereign’s consort, focus of loyalty and service, prince is a liar, he’s a survivor,/he cant ask his uncles for wisdom no more,/cos none of them survived../prince is a liar, hes a survivor, Blanket Casino 5 languages gown/tragic opera…

When the Prince sings
He sings with his father
He sings in his mother tongue
He keeps the words alive

In this country
Theres not much that is special
But theres no other place
Where you can hear his like sing

3.When the Prince says He has got this splitting Head Strain
something really pains him Bursts right through his head

The Prince  He’s a man of contradictions,
Hes been banished from his country He cannot go home

Bubbles (Bridie)

Lucky spoke his final words
And headed for the door
The fire turns to embers turns to coal

The southern wind comes cold and fierce
Off the distant shore
There’ll be no more coming back this time

Love and other flowers bloom
Choirs of children sing
The book of revelation without the horse and fury thing

Fly out with the sugar gliders
Soar the carbon skies
Dreaming revolution as he goes

He gave as good as what he got
He ran too fast he rarely stopped
Dropping bread crumbs where ever he goes

Waiting for the golden birds to come carry him home
He hopes they’ll get a wriggle on
He’s ready to go right now

We’re forever blowing pretty bubbles in the air
They fade and die up there with our dreams

Fortunes always hiding
He’s looked most everywhere
The fire turns to embers to coal

Produced by David Bridie and Helen Mountfort 
Recorded at Haus Bilas Studios Thornbury by Andrew Robinson 
Mixed and Mastered by Simon Polinski at Munster Terrace 

Front Cover Artwork Warwick Jolly 
Album Design/Graphics Andrew B White 

Photo of mftcc David Harris 

Mftcc are 

Helen Mountfort cello and vocals 
David Bridie piano, singing , pump organ 
Greg Patten drums and washing machine 
Hope Csutoros violin 
Dean Addison double bass 
Andrew Richardson guitar ukelele 
Andrew Carswell mandolin 

Guest musicians Stella Bridie vocals on Easter Parade and Rabaul Town 
Anthony Shortte percussion on Lumpy Pumpy 

Thanks –Michael Jackson Alice Anne Emily Phoebe Bob R Jo Kyla Jess chris Samantha Luca Jude Karen Leroy Darren Roxie April Melinda Winnie Stella ,Warwick Jolly, Carolyn Thompson, Carolyn Logan, Andrew Penney, Andrew B White, Brett Doig, Graeme Reagan and Mark Bolton of The Planet/MGM, Tilly Morris, Noel and Marijke Addison,Amidel Tribes stringband,Junior Devils Stringband ,George Telek,Gideon Kakabin,Andrew Obst and of course Vera the dog.thanks to all of you who buy the record and coma along to the gigs.To quote Bryan,”Everything we do,we do for you” 

Management Penney and Logan – | top